Did Phil see his shadow?


The infamous ground hog Punxsutawney Phil from Pennsylvania did NOT see his shadow this morning which can only mean one thing…an early spring! No one is more happy than I am that to get spring here as soon as possible. Well, maybe my friend Ruben from back home in Crystal Lake Il. This is his garage!!!

This is taken from inside his house. Yup, that's a garage!


Vern Scoville from Champion N.Y. built a 35 foot snowman! Thanks to all the snow the blizzard brought “Frosty” was born. A yearly tradition for Vern, but this is the biggest yet. With 3 tires for buttons, a traffic cone for a nose, he even has part of a pool for a top hat!


Crazy cool snowman!




Uh oh… it looks like Lindsay Lohan just can’t get a break!
According to TMZ.com The 24 year old actress has allegidly stolen a $2,500 necklace. The owner of the jewelry store said Lohan frequently visits the store and was seen late January sporting the one of a kind necklace after it went missing. Lindsay says she did not intentially take the necklace. The L.A. county district attorney, will decide on whether or not Lindsay will face any charges either Thursday or Friday.

Celebrity Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Shakira!

This Colombian beauty turned 34 today. Best wishes and Happy Birthday!


Today I had my first experience with spoiled milk….not good! I didn’t drink it, but man did it smell NASTY!

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