What happened Sunday!?

I dunno bout you but this is what I was watching Sunday!

Animal Planet hosted their 7th Puppy Bowl on Sunday. Who wouldn’t want to watch cute adoptable puppies running around a football field?

It was either watch overly huge sweaty guys chase a footbal, or cute furry puppies chase a football…I choose the puppies!! I mean look at those faces!

Cute huh?

But okay, I will admit I did watch some of the Super Bowl game and of course the commercials! Not to mention the halftime show and Christina Aguilera’s version of the national anthem.

My absolute favorite commercial was the Darth Vader Volkswagon commercial. I mean when have you seen Darth Vader looking so cute?  Check it out!

Black eyed peas, Usher and Slash…uh, awesome! Not to mention the dancers all over the football field with light up suits!

And yes, I did see the National Anthem by Christina Aguilera…just watch it.

Man, what an interesting Sunday to say the least…

Thats all for now but check back soon for more =)

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One thought on “What happened Sunday!?

  1. Norma Grigonis

    Great job Nina! Keep up the good work on your blog!

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