3d Phone? Rapping 8-year-old? I think so!

Alright, I’ve got a lot to talk about including celeb news, money news for 2011, and even 3D phones!

Waka Flocka BANG!
According to TMZ.com 24 year old rapper had some trouble getting around Charlotte, NC this morning. While stopped at a car stereo store, two vehicles pulled up to the bus and reports of gunfire hit the scene. The bus was shot 4 times resulting in the security guards for Waka Flocka to fire back. FOXcharlotte say the police department have one man who was shot in the shoulder and several are being held by police. No one in Waka Flocka’s “crew” were hurt and there are no reports stating why the gunfire began.
Check out Waka’s video here.



Someone from the shore is engaged!?
That’s right, looks like nights in the “smush” room with hot strangers from the bar are over for this shore goer. According to People magazine an onlooker at STYLE360 Sachika’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week saw it all go down. Angelina from seasons one and two of The Jersey Shore is engaged. Boyfriend David Kovacs popped the question right on the red carpet in front of everyone. Angelina reportedly dropped the ring due to being so nervous. Reports say she looked really happy and surprised about the whole thing. I say, if its real and not just a stunt to get in the lime light then congrats!


Check out that ring finger!

Another Little One on the Way!
Yahoo.com says Jessica Alba and Husband Cash Warren have announced they are expecting an addition to the family. They wanted to come out to the public themselves before anyone else did. They are very excited and can’t wait for their two-year old daughter to be a big sister.

Check out this statue!

Recently seen on the Jimmy Kimmel live show, is a Michael Jordan statue, but there is something wrong with it. The statue of Jordan in his legendary Chicago Bulls uniform has the wrong jersey number on it. The statue shows #32 rather than his Bulls jersey number 23.

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel

Check this kid out!
Matty B loves to sing, dance and rap. He is also 8-years-old! He does his own versions of popular songs and makes videos for them. His recent creation was Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. Check it out!

Prices are going up!
2011 comes with the good and the bad. In this case the bad is causing everyday people more money. Here is a list of things that are going up in price for 2011.
1. Car Insurance: Due to new monitoring abilities, our car insurance goes up, and privacy controls go down.
2. Chocolate: The demand for chocolate is going up and so is the price. Alright supply and demand, you win this round.
3. Airfare: Prices on seating, baggage, blankets and snacks will continue to go up throughout 2011. Looks like my trip to Paris is being put on hold.
4. Cars: If you’re looking to buy a new or even used car this year at a dealership, good luck! Dealerships are done giving major discounts on cars. Sales were so good last year, they are hiking up the prices in 2011
5. Breakfast: Grain prices are going up and this affects the cows, chickens, pigs and any other farm animal. So Cereal, eggs, milk and bacon might have a price influx this year.
6. Coffee: Prices went up 40% last year for a cup o joe and there is no intent to slow down in 2011. So for all you coffee drinkers, I suggest buying a coffee maker rather than going to your local coffee shoppe.
7. Fast Food: Slowly but surely prices have been going up. Trust me, I noticed when the double cheese burger at McDonald’s turned into the McDouble and was taken off the dollar menu. Sad day in my life =)
8. College Tuition: Suprise suprise…more money is going to have to go into college tuition for students, story of my life =)
9. Gold: Hey this is good. Maybe its time to go visit the Cash for gold store and get more than I could have last year.
10. Movie Tickets: 2011 is going up in prices again for movie tickets. Online streaming is hurting the business so they have no choice but to raise the price.

How about things that will have lower prices?
Well we all like electronic entertainment in some way. Thankfully 2011 comes with a discounted price tag on electronics. Just to name a few Blu-Ray players, Kindles, HDTVs, the Wii, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Portable GPS’ and the IPhone 3G are all going down in price this year. Looks like im gonna get a few new toys in 2011.

Speaking of electronics…
3D cell phones are being made! So far LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sharp have a model or two already made, but nothing has been released yet. No word as to which phone carriers will carry the 3D phones or when, all we know is that they are being made. Hopefully within the next year or two we will see them hit the shelves.



Well thats all for today. Thanks for stopping by and remember to come back soon!




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