These guys are awesome!

So thanks to my new job at 101.5 CILFM I got the chance to go hangout with two great bands…

Volholla and La Bella Charade!

La Bella Charade opened up the show with a sweet punk rock flare to it. With sounds similar to Jimmy eat world and old school Fall Out Boy you better believe the show was great! Check out their Facebook page here:!/labellacharade?sk=app_2405167945  

La Bella Charade on stage at Copper Dragon in Carbondale 2.17.11

Five Guys from St. Louis doing what they do best

The final act was the long awaited VolHolla. It’s like nothing you have ever heard before. If the Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha had a baby and Nikki Minaj was there crazy aunt, you will then have VolHolla!
They are really a great band and the singing duo give an amazing performance. Check them out here:


Cece and Matt were all over the stage putting on a great show for Carbondale at the Copper Dragon 2.17.11

Kids from Decatur, Il showing what they've got on stage. And trust me, It's great!

All in all these two bands have got what it takes to make it in the biz, they are just getting started.

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