The Oscars, Gaga, Storms and Humming Birds?

I missed it!

So, I missed out on the Academy Awards and didn’t get to see any of those golden Oscars go out. You gotta fill me in and post some comments about your favorite and least favorite moments last night!!!

The video has been released!

Today Lady Gaga released her video for “Born This Way”
Of course it is not your typical music video but a short film being 7 mins and 20 seconds! I have heard a lot of people don’t like it but you tell me what you think. I just really like the skeleton makeup…check it out!

Where were you at 1:30AM last night?

So last night Southern Illinois went through a crazy storm and the weather channel issued a tornado warning and everything! Once my boyfriend and I heard the city emergency sirens (which are a block away from where I live, so they were super LOUD!!) we jumped in the car and booked it out to our friends house to go stay nice and safe in his basement. The storm passed and everything was alright but I never thought I would be leaving my house at 1:30AM to out run a possibly dangerous storm. Do you have any interesting stories S.I.? Let me know!

Humming Birds?

There are new technologies being created at the pentagon to get intelligence in a new way or even find people in possible rubble. Tiny cameras are put into mock humming birds, insects and even leaves! With a small camera in the belly and the ability to fly/float. They can move forwards, backwards, sideways, it moves vertically up and down as well as rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.

It weighs no more than a AA battery, has a wingspan of 6.5 inches. The remote-controlled aircraft can go up to 11 MPH. Pretty impressive….but I guess it would have to be for $4 million!!!!

Here is a picture of the Program Director Matt Keennon with the hummingbird droid…

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