Stressin out?

For a lot of schools midterms are here, or soon to be. It’s always a stressful time and even in today’s society people seem a bit stressed wether it be personal problems, money issues, or anything else. Here are a few tips for reducing stress.

1. Get Organized:
Seeing a pile of cluttered papers or any mess for that matter is just a reminder of how much there may be to do. Take a few mins just to separate and sort things out. By the end of it, seeing what was once a mess and is now clean is a great way to make yourself feel better.

2. Get some rest:
Lack of sleep makes it hard to concentrate on even the simplest things in your daily life. If you get your 8 hours in you will find you are able to get what you need to done for the day.

3. Eat Healthy:
Eating foods that are good for you are a good source of energy and generally make your body feel better. If you consume greasy foods all day chances are at the end of the day you will feel sluggish and not want to do anything.

4. Get fit:
Start exercising to get you going. Exercising is a great way to reduce stress and tension you may be feeling. Even if it is a small walk outside, you will feel better with a little sunshine beaming on your face.

5. Pet a pet:
Pets are a great way to make you feel better and get something off your mind. Seeing their smiling faces and excitement toward you is a great feeling for anyone. If you don’t own a pet, take a trip over to your local shelter. Try volunteering for them or just go say hi. I’m sure the animals wont mind it.

6. Look at the positives:
Don’t dwell on what may be going wrong in your life. Take a few minutes with a few deep breaths and think of everything that is good in your life.

7. Take a break:
Yup, it’s as easy as that. Take a 5 minute break out of your day just to take in some fresh air, eat a snack, or grab a fresh cold glass of water. After it’s all done you will feel refreshed and ready to continue your day.

8. Light a candle:
Keep a few candles around the house and light one every once in a while. Just watching the flame flicker gives a sense of hope and relaxation.

9. Relax:
Sit down on a comfy couch or even lay down for a while. I know some days seem like they will never end and you are always busy, but if you take the time to relax you will have a sense of being calm, and your day will over sooner than you thought.

10. Talk to someone:
If all else fails and you feel the stress is taking over, grab a friend or family member and just talk. Talk about how you are feeling, and just spill it. Sometimes just speaking how you are feeling makes the world of a difference.

Check out these study tips!

1. Give yourself plenty of time:
Most teachers and professors give out a syllabus and have the test dates on them. Keep track of them and start your studying early!

2. Use an agenda:
Sometimes if you just write it all out on a calendar it makes everything easier to keep track of.

3. Set up a “study stadium”:
Okay, maybe not a stadium but find a nice quiet place to spread your notes and materials out on and be sure to stay away from the TV or other distractions.

4. Look at the big picture:
Figure out how much you have to study and break it down. A few pages each night is a lot better than cramming it all in, in a few hours.

5. Study a little bit every night:
If you spread it out it and do a quick review each night you study, you will probably find the information sticks better in your head.

6. Make your own notes:
Everyone is different and looking at your own notes sometimes helps rather than looking at your teachers power points.

7. Put it in your own words:
Just rewrite what your teacher says in your own words. Sometimes breaking it down into a language you can understand makes things seem less hard.

8. Cover, recite, check:
You cover the materials in class, later look at them again and if you have any questions…well, professors LOVE questions.

9. Don’t study the stuff you already know
Focus on what you don’t know. Use your time wisely!

10. Take advantage of classroom time:
Ask questions! Don;t be afraid, chances are someone has the same question as you. If you don’t wanna ask a question in class, ask after class. I can’t imagine a teacher not wanting to help you.

Hopefully these help you out, good luck on midterms Southern Illinois!!

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