Dirty Dancing, Pranks and Appendix’s?

Chris Brown Getting Down and Dirty

I guess Chris Brown is still lookin’ to have a little fun. After his interview with Good Morning America he stopped by a little party and some racy pics were taken.

Check out this picture of Chris Brown bumpin’ and grindin’ with a classy lady last night at a party in New York…

And uh, whats with the hair!? Keep it dark Chris, you’re lookin’ a little like Sisqo!!

A Kardashian Krisis

One of the Kardashian’s had to undergo emergency surgery. Rob Kardashian the one and only boy Dash was complaining of stomach aches and cramps.

The pain got so severe his mother Kris Jenner rushed him to the hospital. Doctors then made the decision to remove his appendix. Luckily they got it out before it burst and all is well for baby boy Rob Kardashian.

JB Still Prankin’

Justin Bieber has been known to be a prankster and continued his reign of jokes on tour mate Willow Smith.

Justin Beiber got his manager Scooter Braun and coach Ryan Good to come on stage wearing brightly colored lip gloss and hair extensions and dance around with Willow on Stage.

But don’t worry the jokes not over!

JB finally pops out of no where and decided to bring along a cowbell on stage. Willow’s brother Jaden Smith joined Bieber on stage, whippin’ their hair back and forth.

Check out the video below and feel free to skip to 1:00 for all the action.


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