Hollywood Sleaze

Ashton Kutcher is to take place as the new lead for Two and A Half Men. He will be presented as a new character joining in, filming starts this summer.


Botox mom loses custody of her child. After admitting to injecting anti wrinkle botox into her 8 year old child’s face, she has lost custody. The child is in protective services now and is okay, as for mom…you should have known better!


Rebecca Black is NOT preggers! There were rumors going around that she was pregnant last Friday and noo. No baby for this girl.


Lindsay Lohan….I don’t even want to talk about it…BUT yeah she was caught drinking again this past Saturday. Come on LiLo when you are known for breaking your parole and partying, don’t go out to a bar. Shes never gonna learn.


Remember way back when, when Enrique Inglesias was gonna go on tour with Britney spears but backed out? Well this time he has announced he is going on tour with Pitbull. Ouch Enirque that hurts.


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