Hollywood Sleaze

Pictures have come up on what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and mistress look like! The house keeper for the family of over 20 years, Mildred Patty Baena, had Arnold’s son over 10 years ago. All of this was unknown until this past January and was finally leaked to the public this week.


Kesha and T-pain seem to be getting quite comfortable with each other. Earlier this morning T-pain tweeted a photo of himself and Ke$ha getting cozy with a bottle of rum and lots of money. The caption of the photo said Ladies and gentlemen I’ve upgraded from loyal stalker. Get ready for K-Pain @tpain and @keshasuxx. Which stands for T-pain and Ke$ha of course.


Adele has a vision of bringing back the spice to the world. She has always wanted to re-form the Spice Girls. She has an idea and says “It was me as Ginger, Duffy as Baby, Leona Lewis as Mel B, Amy Winehouse as Mel C, because she’s got the voice, and Lily Allen as Posh.” If this happens, I will not be mad. I would love to see a cover band of the spice girls be composed of such talented women.


This has been your Hollywood sleaze, for today and more go to the website and find my blog at cilfm.com and click Nina Blanco’s DJ page I have all the photos you want to see and more. 

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