Hollywood Sleaze

Looks like Hilary Duff is stepping outside of the studio and picking up the pen.  She has recently written a follow-up book from her adult novel Elixir. Her new novel called Devoted is about the character Clea Raymond investigating supernatural activity due out in October of this year. What do you think, should Hilary Duff get back into acting or singing? Or stick to her new “thing”, writing.

The Botox Mom is another fake for money. Her story goes as follows, Her real name is Sheena Upton, and she was offered 200 dollars by the British Tabloid “The Sun” to play the role of Kerry Campbell who injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for pageants. She had a script and instructions on how to portray her fake self, Kerry Cambell a.k.a The Botox Mom. Once she got recognition she took more money to do interviews on shows like Good Morning America and Inside Edition. Afterwards her child was taken away by child welfare officials and that’s when she decided to come clean and write a sworn written statement that this is all false.

Creep alert! Mildred, the mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly has always wanted to be Maria! There are stories that say she would take Maria’s clothes and jewelry and wear it around town. Mildred also once said she is more of a wife to Arnold because she was always there for him. I’m all for flattery but that’s creeper status.

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