Hollywood Sleaze

Sorry Boys Kim Kardashian is engaged! She had been dating Kris Humphries for 6 months after popping the question. Waiting in Kims room with the words “Will You Marry Me?” Written in rose peddles Kim had to say yes. He also had a 20.5 carat ring waiting for her as well. The NY Net forward is soon to be the new Kris Kardashian and is more than happy about it.


Prince, Blanket and Paris, the kids of Michael Jackson, seem to be going through some mentoring from fellow child stars. Jaden and Willow Smith seem to taking the time to hang out with theJacksonkids and keep them out of trouble and show them the right path to stardom. Katherine Jackson, grandmother of Blanket,Parisand Prince set up the meetings between the children because she feels the Smith kids have good values and can show what is best to the young rising stars.


 Terrace Martin and Devi Dev is a musical group who just released their new album with some interesting art work on the cover. Kim Kardashian does not seem to be a fan. After looking at the cover Kim realized her bare breast were being exposed. It seems the cover of the album used a picture of a woman’s breasts and they happened to be Kim Kardashians. The picture was cropped from a magazine shoot Kim shot previously, but had nothing to do with the band. The band apparently had no idea the photo belonged to Kim and Kim and her lawyers took care of the situation and the album cover is switched out with another pair of women’s accessories. 

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