Hollywood Sleaze

May 27, 2011

Jeff Conaway otherwise known as Kenickie from Grease passed away today at the age of 60. Not from a drug overdose as many people came to suspect but from a long time abuse of prescription drugs and it finally wore down his body. Rest in Peace Jeff, my thoughts are with you.

Since announced yesterday Lindsay Lohan will be confined to her house for 35 days of house arrest, Lindsay decided she will be doing a lot of painting, reading and sitting near the beach at her California home.  She stocked up on canvases for herself and has a stack of scripts she wants to read to decide on her next project. She plans on being released before her next birthday in July and having a sober celebration. I wish life was that easy for everyone.

Lady Gaga is looking for the newest stars for her next music video…could this be you? Gaga is looking for a bad boy, a doctor and a military man. E! News got a hold of the casting notice for this weekend’s shoot for Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” video — and the singer is looking for a sexy latino.

The casting call said that the ideal man should be, “Puerto Rican or Dominican type bad boy that must be willing to kiss Lady Gaga…Think Enrique Iglesias.”

In addition to a leading man, Lady Gaga needs several male doctors to be decked out in white smocks and black gloves. The description read, “Think Dr. 90210.”

The video also calls for one male or female on-air reporter and a hand full of military-type men who are willing to carry a M165 Rifle

This gives us a major look into her next video, bad boys, doctors, and guns…I like it already!

May 26, 2011

Lindsay Lohan might be making some progress. She surrendered herself this morning at 5AM to house arrest. She will be confined to her house in Venice California for about 35 days. On top of that she is to complete 480 hours of community service. That’s an insane number! Hopefully after this she will be set straight.


The Hangover 2 premiered today but had the midnight showing last night nationwide and already made 10 million dollars. There are predictions it will reach up to 125 million dollars. I have heard nothing but great things about the movie and HAVE to get out and watch it.


Beiber has tattoos!!! His recent vacation in Hawaii with gf Selena Gomez means a great time swimming and tanning without a shirt on, clearly. While a shirtless Beiber was walking around paparazzi got a chance to snag some pictures of the new tats. Justin has some Hebrew letters down his ribcage meaning in English Jesus, as well as a small birds head on his waist. No word on what the tattoos mean to him but I bet he is feeling that ink addiction coming on. Who knows what he will get inked on him next.

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