Hollywood Sleaze

Kardashian Drama! There have been rumors saying Kim Kardashian has a secret affair going on with NFL player Brett Lockett. As we all know Kim is engaged to Kris Humphries and Brett Lockett has come into the picture saying Kim had a relationship with both Kris and Brett at the same time. Kim is fighting back saying she has never even met Brett Lockett, so how could they have an affair? Brett is sticking to his story and saying Kim is lying. Oh, love triangles…all we can do is wait until someone fesses up!


The Hollywood Hookup of the night goes to….Kanye West and Mary-Kate Olsen!? Who would have known, but yesterday was Kanye’s 34th birthday and he celebrated by hooking up with none other than one of the Olsen sisters. What happened to the innocent little Mary-Kate? I thought the worst thing she could have done was sell her brother on one of her TV shows!


The Hangover is doing exceptionally well in theaters with their second movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to. Warner Bros. put out a release that they may digitally alter the face tattoo of Ed Helms’ character. Once the film goes to DVD, the Tyson tattoo will be gone due to the fighting and suing over the rights of the tattoo. I talked about this a few weeks ago but the original tattoo artist was suing the makers of the Hangover 2 because they did not get permission to use the original art. If you see the movie in theaters, that may be one of the last times to see the Tyson tattoo on Ed Helms


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  1. I’m just really relieved I stumbled onto this web site! You are so right!!
    I only wish most people may well think much like you! Continue the good reports I am viewing you now lol

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