Hollywood Sleaze

The infamous tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face has caused a lot of drama! The original tattoo artist who created the tattoo, sued WB for putting it on Ed a character in the Hangover 2 without permission. The lawsuit almost caused the movie to delay on the release. The Judge favored the movie so everything was all good for a while. Soon after, news broke that the tattoo would be digitally altered in the DVD version. NOW, it seems WB was able to pay off the tattoo artist and the Tyson Tattoo will remain in the movie. Too much drama over a little ink!


Weekend Movie Wrap up! The Green Lantern brought in the most green this weekend! They were the number one movie this weekend taking in 52.7 Million Dollars, Super 8 came in second with 21.3 Million, Mr. Popper’s Penguins was in third with 18.2 million and X-men: First Class had 11.5 million. I am a huge movie goer and saw the Green Lantern and X-men this past weekend. If you go see the Green Lantern, make sure to stay a little while past the ending credits, there is a sneak peak at what is to come…that’s all I am gonna say 😉


If you haven’t already heard, today comes with some bad news. One of the stars of the hit TV show and movies, jackass has passed away today. Ryan Dunn was in a fatal car crash early this morning. Around 3AM he and an unidentified person had left a bar and drove off the side of the road. Fire and police officials came to the scene with the car fully engulfed in flames. Ryan Dunn and his passenger were pronounced dead. There has not been an official report released as to why the car went out of control. Officials are looking at the possibility of alcohol playing a role. Dunn had tweeted a picture of himself and a few friends with drinks in hand just a few hours before. My heart goes out to Ryan Dunn, his friends and family.

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