Hollywood Sleaze

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have yet to release any pictures of the twins Monroe and Moroccan. They feel uncomfortable selling pictures of their children in the first place but it’s better to get money for a college fund or charity than for a paparazzi guy to reap the benefits. Instead of selling pictures to the highest bidder they want to find someone they can trust and are keeping their options open. They want to keep it classy instead of exploiting their children which in my opinion is a great thing to do.


In yesterday’s tragedy some questions were raised. Jackass star Ryan Dunn past away in a tragic car accident. The police reports from the county inPennsylvania, state Dunn was driving at a speed of about 130 MPH. No word if alcohol played a role although Dunn was last at a local bar with friends.


Rihanna needs to pick a side! A month ago there were reports of Rihanna hoping to get back with ex boyfriend Chris Brown. Last week there was a rumor going around she was officially dating, on again off again boy toy Drake. The next day she denied they were dating and now Rihanna is sexting with Chris Brown? Reports from mediatakeout.com say Chris Brown sent Rihanna a naked picture of himself. I wonder when we are going to hear from Drake about this.

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