Hollywood Sleaze

Britney Spears has her new music video out and released today!! She is flashing cops, grabbing butts and beating up paparazzi. I have to admit it gets a little weird at the end but it is worth the watch! I have the video up on the blog, check it out!


Sean Kingston has made a full recovery and is out of the hospital. After his Jet Ski accident last monthKingstonwas in critical condition but fought it like a trooper and is back home. I hope to hear some inspiring songs from him soon.


Megan Fox might be making her comeback soon! She was reportedly fired from the Transformers franchise for calling MichaelBay, “Hitler” and that didn’t sit very well with Steven Spielburg. She was fired and since then she hasn’t had any BIG movie roles. Seems things may change. She reportedly signed up to join the cast of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy, The Dictator. John C. Reilly is also thought to be signed up for the movie. Could be a good one.

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