Hollywood Sleaze

Lindsay Lohan is done with house arrest! Her 35 day term was completed as of this morning. Now all she has to work on is 480 hours of community service! She is glad to be one step closer to “starting over”. If she sticks to being sober and refrains from stealing or doing anything illegal, she just might have a career again. Good luck Lilo!


Transformers 3 is doing great and it hasn’t even been out for a full day yet! Midnight showings from last night racked up 13.5 million dollars already. I went and saw it this afternoon and there was a full house. And yes, it was an awesome movie! Can’t wait to see how much it brings in, in a week!


Let’s talk about Hollywood Hookups! Eva Mendes and Jason Sudeikis are reportedly seeing each other. They were spotted on a double date with Jason Bateman and his wife in N.Y.C. The couple had also been spotted making out inL.A.last week.


America Ferrera is officially married to her long time boyfriend, Ryan Piers Williams. The wedding had the stars of Ugly Betty, and the sisterhood of the traveling pants, including Blake Lively in attendance.


Shia Labeouf opened his mouth about a fling between Megan Fox and himself and has learned to keep things to himself. He is regretting saying anything due to the fact it got more attention than he ever wanted. He is afraid it will make him look bad, but as long as he keeps kicking butt and saving the world from Decepticons, I think people will forgive and forget, at least I will.  

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