Hollywood Sleaze

Weekend Movie Wrap up: This past weekend Cowboys & Aliens, The Change – up and Rise of The Planet of the Apes premiered.

  1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, $54 million

  2. The Smurfs, $21 million

  3. Cowboys & Aliens, $15.8 million

  4. The Change-Up, $13.5 million

  5. Captain America: The First Avenger, $13 million


First it was Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super bowl and now Nicki Minaj! Friday Morning Nicki Minaj was performing on Good Morning America in New York and during her performance, her low cut shirt slipped and the world saw her nip! The Nip slip was aired on TV and “slipped through the cracks” of the censors on ABC. ABC has apologized for the incident and hope no viewers remain mad.


This past weekend was all about boobies being exposed. Kelly Rowland also had a double nip slip performing in New Jersey this weekend. She was wearing a decorated bra on stage and her bra slipped up and both nipples were exposed. The only question to remain now is who is next?

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood Sleaze

  1. See what Janet Jackson started!!!

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