Hollywood Sleaze

It’s the year of the wardrobe malfunctions! On Saturday night during Taylor Swift’s Concert inSt. Louis, yep a wardrobe malfunction occurred. While T-Swift was singing “You Belong With Me” she stepped too close to the wind machine and it lifted her dress straight up and showed off the goods! Hey, at least she was wearing underwear!


Ke$ha may go rock instead of pop. Alice Cooper a reported good friend of Ke$ha says they have collaborated in the past and her new album will have more of a rock tone to it. He says, “You watch, she’s gonna end up being a rock singer, not a disco singer. She wants to be, you know, she wants to be Robert Plant, and she’s a big tall American girl and she could really do it. Kesha’s an old friend of mine. When she was inLondon, I got up and did a song with her. She actually plays the Devil in this thing.” I can see Ke$ha as a rockin’ wild child.

Lady Gaga has officially released her new music video for You and I!! It’s another mini movie pretty much but we all love her for it! It has only been up for a few hours so you can be one of the first few to watch!





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