Hollywood Sleaze

Katy Perry loves meat and can’t deny it anymore. Katy gave up eating meat two years ago to keep husband, Russell Brand happy but it seems Katy is having a hard time staying a vegetarian. Sources say Katy is secretly eating turkey and chicken. A source said “Russell has been a veggie for 22 years, but Katy adores meat. She did give it up for a while for Russell’s sake but is finding it a struggle.” Hey, some girls just really like their meat.

In touch magazine has reported Will and Jada Smith are split up and getting a divorce, well once the rumors hit home, Will, Jada and even Will’s son have come out to say it’s not true. Trey Smith, Will’s son from a previous marriage, went to his Twitter page and blasted the message, “Will and Jada getting a DIVORCE ..NOT TRUE AT ALL !! RETWEET.” Will and Jada have been together for 13 years with 2 children together. This power couple is going nowhere!

Hilary Duff has announced she is pregnant with hockey hubby Mike Comrie but has cost her a paycheck. She was supposed to be starring in the up coming film Bonnie and Clyde as Bonnie but since the baby announcement, she has been booted from the film. A source from the film says “Hilary won’t be available until next June. If we could wait we would.” Either way, good luck to Hilary and her new family.


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