Hollywood Sleaze

Weekend Movie Wrap up! Moneyball, Dolphin tale, Abduction and Killer Elite premiered over the weekend but none of them landed on top!

  1. The Lion King, $22.1 million

  2. Moneyball, $20.6 million

  3. Dolphin Tale, $20.3 million

  4. Abduction, $11.2 million

  5. Killer Elite, $9.5 million

As if we didn’t think Justin Bieber was cute enough! J. Bieb took his girlfriend Selena Gomez out on a romantic date to see her friend Demi Lovato perform in L.A. right after the show they snuck out to a surprise location via underground pathway. Justin Bieber rented out theStaplesCenterfor a private screening of The Titanic for just the two of them! The best part about it, he got it all for free! The venue did not have anything going on that night and since Bieber had previously sold out three shows there, he did not have to pay a single penny! Selena…you got a keeper!


Rihanna has made quite the controversial statement all because of a necklace! When visiting a church inBrazil, Rhi decided to wear a gold necklace with a word that starts with a “C” and ends in an ”unt”. You do the math. Locals were furious, as they should be! She was also wearing a yellow button down shirt, ripped denim shorts and a pair of black mesh ankle booties. What happened to wearing a skirt that runs below the knees!?

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood Sleaze

  1. Really like all sorts of things related to Selena! Many thanks friend for sharing!

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