Hollywood Sleaze

Weekend Movie Wrap – up! Premiering this weekend was The Thing but it didn’t land on top!

  1. Real Steel, $16.3 million

  2. Footloose, $16.1 million

  3. The Thing, $8.7 million

  4. The Ides of March, $7.5 million

  5. Dolphin Tale, $6.3 million

    *On a personal note, over the weekend I saw Real Steel and The Thing and Real Steel SHOULD be up for some awards! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!* 

A lot of people talk about how much they hate Selena Gomez because she is dating Justin Bieber but it has never been anything serious, untill now. A serious Death Threat has been issued toward Selena and surporisingly its not from a jealous 13 – year – old girl! A man by the name of Thomas Brodnicki admitted to his therapist he wants to kill Selena. He claims to have talked to god about the murder and has already flown to California to find her. Because of his history of mental illness and criminal record LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is on the case. She couldn’t have done something so bad for someone to really want to do this…right?

A few weeks ago Disney star Brenda Song was rumored to be pregnant and once family shot those rumors down things seemed to be okay. But this week Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus (brother of Miley Cyrus) are engaged!! No word on if there is a baby BUT the couple themselves have not confirmed or denied the rumors. Is this wedding a coincidence or not?

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One thought on “Hollywood Sleaze

  1. Cherish every thing about Selena! Thank you friend for posting!

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