Hollywood Sleaze

After several months, the coroner for Amy Winehouse has finally came up with the conclusion that Amy’s death was caused by an over-consumption of Alcohol. it was described as Death of Mis adventure. Four times the limit was found in Amy at the time of her death.

Last night on Dancing with the Stars Chaz Bono was disqualified. After a remark from one of the judges Bruno Tonioni made Mama Cher was not a happy camper taking her anger to Twitter. She said “Chaz U Worked HARD &I’M PROUD!…” “ITS EASY 4 HIM 2 TAKE CHEAP SHOTS AT CHAZ ! LET HIM COME 2 “MY” STAGE. I COULD TEACH HIS LITTLE ARM WAVING ASS SOME MANNERS ! Critique CHAZ’S DANCE STYLE, MOVEMENTS ETC,.BUT DON’T MAKE FUN OF MY CHILD ON NAT.TV….” Whoa! Don’t mess with Cher!

Nicki Minaj must be feeling very proud to have made a huge statement on people because she is one of the most searched people for Halloween Costumes! That’s right, Nicki Minaj and Charlie Sheen are the two most researched people in Hollywood to have costumes. Sheen even has a mask! Other searches high on the list are “Playboy Bunny”, “Black Swan” and “Angry Birds”!

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