Hollywood Sleaze

Justin Bieber is a baby daddy!? Maybe… here’s what happened. A 20 year -old new mother has come out to say Justin Bieber is the father of her 3 month old child. Apparently the two got personal back stage after a concert at the Staples Center in L.A. well nine months later a baby popped out and the woman claims JB is the father. Justin on the other hand says he has never met this woman before and the whole story is made up. The woman wants a paternity test to prove it’s Justin’s…Wheres Maury when you need him?

Lindsay Lohan had court today and was sentenced to 30 days in Jail. Because she got kicked out of her original community service job at a women’s center, and has not been attending her therapy sessions, she is going to the slammer. LiLo has one week to turn her self in for the sentence. She has the week extension because she cannot break her contract for her $1 million Playboy photo shoot. Luckily for Lindsay she may be out of jail in minutes rather than days because there is an over crowding at the county jail she is to serve at….She is a busy little jail-bird!

There is drama surrounding the Kim Kardashian wedding…of course. Questions are raised because Momager Kris Jenner says Kim did not make any money off of her $10 million dollar wedding. The TMZ team claims this is total B.S. because the wedding did not have to be $10 million! They could have profited from the $10 million they were given and had a cheaper wedding….good point!
Other drama has been brought up due to the wedding gifts. According to proper wedding etiquette, if the wedding is cancelled before or at 2 months, the gifts must be returned. Well Kim made it just past two months, so what does she do??? Kim has decided to donate the gifts to her favorite charity.  This is a win loose situation because she gets people off her back about the gifts, but because she is giving the gifts to charity but she gets the tax write off, making more money in the end….just give the gifts back!!!

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One thought on “Hollywood Sleaze

  1. jesus

    you had me at baby daddy! haha I love the pics! great job nina!! 🙂

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