Hollywood Sleaze

The Legendary Maury is reaching out to Justin Bieber! Yes, yes, yes! Maury is offering his help with the paternity case and his people are trying to talk to Justin’s people about getting their case on the show. Justin already agreed to take the paternity test so why not take it to a real pro!? If this happened it would be a dream come true! Perez Hilton put together a hilarious sketch of how it might go down, check it out, click below!


Ashton Kutcher is laying off twitter for a while. After tweeting about the Joe Paterno case saying “How do you fire Jo Pa? insult. no class. as a hawkeye (University of Iowa) fan I find it in poor taste.”. Well, Ashton sent the tweet without knowing about the Joe Pa case. If You have been out of the loop, Penn State coach Joe Paterno failed to call the cops after knowing about a raping. (it’s a big mess) But, after fans lashed out at Ashton for defending Jo Pa, Ashton retracted what he said and apologized for not knowing what was going on. Ashton has come to the realization that his voice goes out to 8 million+ on twitter and he feels it would be best if he had someone look at what he says before he says it. So Ashton has given his management team access to his twitter to help look after it. Good plan, Ashton…smart move.

Eddie Murphy backed out of the Oscars so who should replace him….someone who has had experience….also funny….and has been the host 8 times before. Oh yeah, Billy Crystal! Yes the new host of the 2012 Oscars is Billy Crystal, again. This will be his 9th time hosting. I feel the Muppets would have been new and different and fun too, but Billy Crystal can do it again…why not?

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