Hollywood Sleaze

Justin Bieber’s Baby Mama Drama just keeps getting better and better! Last week Mariah Yeater and her lawyers dropped their case to make Justin Bieber take the paternity test. Once the case was dropped on Thursday Mariah Yeater’s lawyers booked it out the door. Now a new lawyer has stepped into the picture and claims he is “not afraid” of JB’s lawyers. The paternity suit is back on as of today and Justin Bieber is being asked once again to take a test to see if he is the father. Justin and his lawyers still want to sue Mariah for making a bogus claim once the test proves JB is not the father. Mariah….you should have stayed out of this whole thing when you had the chance!!


There are some rumors floating around that Britney Spears might be getting proposed to before the end of the year!! Once Britney is off tour (December 10th). She and boyfriend Jason Trawick are going on a romantic getaway vacation. This is when the question is supposed to pop! Jason gets along very well with Britney’s two boys and mother and if they were to become one big happy family well I am sure we would all just be very happy for them!


Talk about awkward. Jennifer Lopez and new rumored beaux Casper Smart will be performing at the American Music Awards, oh yeah Marc Anthony will be in attendance too! Marc will also be performing at the AMA’s but he won’t have some hot young chick to dangle in front of JLo. Sorry Marc….just look away!!

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