Hollywood Sleaze

Get out of the way Kim Kardashian, Kourtney wants some of the lime light! Kourtney confirmed she is 9 weeks pregnant! 2 year-old Mason is going to have a little brother or sister in a few months! The question now is when is Scott gonna put a ring on it??

But of course Kim and Kris have to have something going on everyday….Kris is asking for an annulment! Reports say Kim originally wanted an annulment but Kris wouldn’t go for it. Now that they are filed for divorce Kris is asking for an annulment to pretend the whole thing never happened….too bad millions watched them get married on TV!!!

In case you didn’t hear Dr. Conrad Murray finally got his sentence. It is the maximum sentence of 4 years for his role in the death of Michael Jackson. The Jackson family is relieved to hear about his sentencing but do not feel like it is enough time behind bars. Some sources say because of over crowding in the jail house Murray may only serve 2 years in jail and the other 2 in home confinement.


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One thought on “Hollywood Sleaze

  1. Does not seem right! He was the cause of Michael Jackson’s death, and only 4 years, 2 total??? So wrong! People with less charges do more time than that!

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