Hollywood Sleaze

Katy Perry is taking names and breaking records! The California Gurl is already tied with the late and great Michael Jackson with the most singles in an album and she is ready to take the spot for herself. If her latest single “The One That Got Away” makes it to number 1 on iTunes she will be the first artist (male or female) to have 6 number 1 hits off an album. This beats out Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and George Michael. To give it a little push she lowered the price on iTunes from $1.29 for the song to 69 cents! Let’s help her reach her goal, buy that single!

Oprah is under close watch with doctors and they are ordering her to lose weight! after her BFF Gayle King left her OWN network, the network failing and the lack of love in her love life, a source says she has been binge eating and is currently at 280 lbs. Being 57 years old and at that weight can result in everything from diabetes to heart problems. Sources say she is starting a strict excercise and diet program to help shed the pound. We don’t need her to be super slim, just healthy

Don’t you hate running into an ex? Well I think that applies for even the biggest celebrities. Ashton Kutcher was at a restaurant with some buddies while his soon to be ex-wife Demi Moore was there as well. Demi came over to Ashton’s table, gave each other a hug and talked for a few brief moments. Sources say the run in was polite but awkward!!

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