Hollywood Sleaze

It’s Your weekend Movie Wrap-up! The box office was not too happy this weekend. This was the lowest in sales in three years!! The star studded movie, New Year’s Eve and The Sitter premiered this weekend. And can it be true!? Twilight was not in first place this weekend!!

  • 1. New Year’s Eve: $13.7 million

  • 2. The Sitter: $10 million

  • 3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn–Part 1: $7.9 million

  • 4. The Muppets: $7.1 million

  • 5. Arthur Christmas: $6.6 million

 One of the most ultimate feuds just got settled (or worsened). Men’s Magazine released the list for the most sexiest women of all time and deemed Jennifer Aniston the sexiest woman of all time! Angelina Jolie came in at number 10. So it’s official, Jennifer Aniston is hotter than Angelina Jolie….I told you Brad!

Brooke Mueller…. she was caught with cocaine last weekend, arrested, bailed out by her ex and back to her kids within 24 hours. There are reports saying she has agreed to go to rehab. She was convinced by friends she needed to go. She wants to be clean and better herself for her kids. Which is always a good idea!! 

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