Hollywood Sleaze

Little Blue Ivy Carter got about $2 million in gifts and super star mom and dad are doing a great thing by donating them. Tons of books and toys are going out to local charities for young mothers. A source says “They’ve already got the most precious gift – their new baby daughter – so they want to help out other parents who haven’t been as fortunate.” There is one gift on the list they are willing to keep, a diamond encrusted baby pacifier! The $20,000 pacifier was given to them by one of their close friends in the music industry and they would like to keep it as Blue’s first piece of BLING! I am so jealous!!

Rihanna is a party girl, we all know that and she may be partying too hard. Reports are coming in that Rihanna may be checking into drug rehab. Once her record label saw pictures of Rihanna smoking some illegal drugs online they have persuaded her to check herself in. Just last week while vacationing in Hawaii Rihanna said “Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!”. Doctors told Rihanna to quit drinking and smoking but doesn’t look like she took the advice. DRUGS ARE BAD!

Adele is feeling much better. She will be performing at the Brit Awards. Those awards will be on February 21st. There is still no word on if she will perform at the Grammys. The Grammy awards will be hosted on February 12th. She tweeted out she was excited about the Grammys, probably because she is up for 6 awards. But she should show the Grammys some love and perform!

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