Hollywood Sleaze

Roseanne Barr is running for president! She reportedly filled out the paper work today to run the green party campaign for U.S. President. She did a digital campaign on facebook and twitter. Barr says she “is sick of democrats and republicans whom she believes are not working in the best interest of the american people.” Barrs biggest platform is legalizing marijuana. ROSEANNE  FOR PRESIDENT!!! 

Although Demi Moore is still on her road to recovery in an unknown place, rumors of her obsession with youth are coming up. Sources say Demi has been flirting with 24 year-old Zac Effron. A source says Demi “was always fixated on being young. And the only thing that tied her to that, as she got older, was her marriage to a younger guy and hanging around young people.”. An insider told a magazine “As Demi got older, she convinced herself that she needed to stay young and skinny to remain attractive to her husband. She needed reassurance all the time that she was hot and sexy.” Sad when these things happen, people get older and that’s okay. It’s perfectly natural.

Reports indicate Howie Mandel will be the next co-host on Live! With Kelly. He will be taking Regis Philbin’s spot at host of the morning show. Sources say it is not final but they are 90% sure Howie will take the spot.

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