Whitney Houston’s Will!

After the death of Whitney Houston, everyone has been wondering who gets what in her will. After looking at all her assets, houses, cars, clothes, jewelry, etc. it all adds up to about $20 million. But who gets it!? Whitney signed her will a month before her daughter Bobbi Kristina was born and Bobbi gets all of it!!

The will stated Whitney’s assets would go to her living children (Bobbi Kristina) but if there were a case where Bobbi were to have passed on, Whitney’s stuff would go to ex-hubby Bobby Brown and various relatives. Here is the catch, Bobby Brown and family would have to decide how to split everything up on their own. 

If they could not come to an agreement Whitney’s stuff would be sold and they would then split the money up equally. 

BUT since that is not the case 19 year old Bobbi Kristina gets a $20 million dollar fortune. She will receive this fortune in portions. Some money will come to her at 21, 25 and the rest at age 30. 

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