Jessica Simpson’s baby…

Jessica Simpson is very, very, VERY pregnant! But we already knew that. What you may have not have known is she is having a baby girl!

We don’t know the name yet but Jessica Simpson is hinting that it may start with an “M”. She has been seen walking around with a gold necklace with the letter “M” on it. She says the name is not too different but it will be a new name in her life. 

Jessica also said she is still weeks away rather than moments away like everyone seems to think (and how she looks). 

Either way, good luck Jessica and we hope to see the princess soon! 

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s baby…

  1. brandi

    I think this is a beautiful photo. But they way over Photoshopped her belly button it looks like they erased it them used a blur tool and stuck it their as an after thought

  2. LOL kinda true. She says she feels beautiful and very comfortable even though she is nearly 170 pounds! Good to hear someone can love themselves when they are normally 110 pounds!!

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