Russell Brand gets nothing in the divorce!

Russell Brand and Katy Perry were married for a year before they called it quits. “irreconcilable differences” was written on the paper work and they went their separate ways.

No pre-nuptual agreement was signed and Katy Perry lucked out because she made  about $44 million and Russell didn’t take a dime!

The two said they did not need a pre-nup and they respect each other too much to take money that was earned by one another. If Katy Perry was in Russell’s position she would have done the same.

Now the $6 million house they bought together is up in the air. Who gets it? Do they sell it and split the money? whats gonna happen? 

Yup, Russell is giving it to Katy too. He has no interest in the house and Katy gets to do what she would like with it.  

This is the most clean celebrity divorce I have ever seen! 

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