Justin Bieber beats up paparazzi!

This past Sunday Justin Beiber and girlfriend Selena Gomez were at a local mall in Calabasas (area where he lives) CA, and as they were leaving a photog blocked their car in so he could grab some pictures.

The story goes, Justin asked the photographer to move the vehicle but he refused. So Justin got angry and got out of his car and attacked the man. As Justin got into his altercation Selena Gomez was seen trying to calm Justin down. Justin also lost a shoe in the action.

The photographer milked the whole thing and went to the hospital afterwards complaining of torso pains. He blames Beiber for hurting him. 

Police are currently looking for answers from Justin and rumor has it, if convicted JB could face up to 6 months of jail time. 

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7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber beats up paparazzi!

  1. destiny

    ohhhhhhhhhh snap 🙂

  2. Shaile

    I think ppl should give bieber a break nothing would have happened if the paparazzi would’ve just got out of the way. And it probably gets tiring being followed 24/7

    • Kulleke

      Sorry but that’s wat comes with fame. I bet it’s f’ing annoying but famous people knew that beforehand..

    • Remmy

      But that is no excuse,he knew the type of life he was about to go into before signing up with Usher,he watched tv and read mags before becoming a star.

    • no!

  3. They should leave him alone . And he has a fast temper you can’t blame him for that because he probably gets aggervated and wants to spend time with his girlfriend.

  4. Justin bieber has awesome shoes

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