American Idol Drama: Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey

Let me be the first one to say American Idol has lost some of its pzazz over the past few seasons. The ratings just haven’t been there. And loosing 2 of it’s 3 judges from last season isn’t helping.

So it’s no wonder they are trying to revamp the show and get some new personalities on there. A few weeks ago it was announced Mariah Carey was joining the show as a judge paying her a cool $18 million. 

Now there are talks for Nicki Minaj to join the show as a second female judge…..of course Mrs. DIVA a.k.a Mariah Carey has a problem with that! She was under the influence she was going to be the only female judge on the show this season and bow that she might not be she is mad! When she got the phone call there may be another female she hung up on them!! RUDE!!!!

The judge count may be going up because they are thinking about adding on a FOURTH judge! They want 2 males and 2 females. If Randy Jackson doesn’t sign on for another season they are looking at adding on Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Enrique Inglesias or even KANYE WEST!!! 

I’m sure his love bug Kimmy Kardashian would love the attention! But hey it would bring massive ratings so it would be a smart move on A.I.! 


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