Michael Lohan has a new found love child!?

Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan, would not be called the greatest dad on earth. Especially now that he found out he has a new 17 year old daughter. 

Back in the day in 1995 it seems Michael Lohan was screwing around on his now ex wife Dina Lohan and had a love child. The now 17 year old got DNA testing and results came in….Michael, you ARE the father! 

The mother, Kristi Horn, has reportedly tried to contact Michael and ask for child support over the years but Michael did nothing. 

When the new “family” found out Michael was the dad it was all caught on tape, click the link below to watch the ehhh….awkward reaction between all three of them.

During the video, you can hear Michael’s New daughter, Ashley, refuse to take a hug from Michael. She says “no, no, no” while Michael forces a hug and says “I just want to hug you”……AWKWARD!!! 


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