Justin Bieber vs. Paparazzi

So if you haven’t heard already there is a HUGE controversy in Hollywood between Justin Bieber and a now deceased photographer.

A man by the name of Chris Guerra saw Justin Bieber’s Ferrari leaving the four season hotel in LA. He went after the car to take pictures of Justin Bieber. Guerra claimed to have seen Justin Bieber smoking an illegal substance out of a pipe while driving. SO to get the picture he followed the Ferrari and chased it on the roads of LA. While driving recklessly Guerra’s car was hit by another car and he tragically passed away.

Many people of the public have no idea who to blame for the incident. Guerra or Justin Bieber. But here’s the thing….JUSTIN WAS NOT IN THE CAR.

Justin’s friend and rapper Lil Twist was driving the vehicle with out Justin in it. So the photographer was chasing the wrong person.

**MY PERSONAL OPINION: Neither one of them should have been speeding and driving recklessly. It’s dumb to blame anyone of them. Lil Twist was trying to get away from someone chasing him and the photographer Guerra was doing his job. **

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus are getting involved by saying there needs to be new laws for paparazzi. There needs to be a limit on where and what paparazzi do to get their pictures. They cannot put the celebrities, themselves and public bystanders in danger. This is the case of Princess Diana all over again.


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