Britney Spears and Jason trawick SPLIT

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick got engaged back in 2011 and are probably glad they haven’t tied the knot yet because they have officially split up. 

The couple has made the breakup official and Britney even gave the $90,000 engagement ring back. They said they just grew apart so they resulted in breaking up BUT sources indicate there is more to the story (there always is).

None was caught in a cheating scandal or in it for money or any other reason you normally find in Hollywood. This time it was all based off of kids!

It’s no secret Britney and Jason love Brit’s boys Sean Preston and Jayden James but the thing was Britney wanted MORE kids and Jason was not on board for that. 

Britney being 31 and Jason being 41 are at different points in their lives so it was better to part ways. 

Another said argument was the fact that Jason believed to have lost himself in Britney’s empire. He wanted to stay individualized as a Hollywood agent and achieve more clients and Britney didn’t want him to do that. 

Big major issues between the two but they say they think the world of each other and will always maintain a close relationship….aww I love happy endings!! 


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