Chris Brown, innocent in Assault case!

Let’s be honest, we all know Chris Brown has a history with Domestic violence, and we have never looked at him the same way since. The troubled singer has tried to stay out of trouble, but trouble always seems to find him. 

This time trouble is in the form of assault on a woman. At least that’s what she is trying to say. 24 year-old Deanna Gines is accusing CB of pushing her to the floor of a night club they were both at. She then posted a picture of herself with a giant leg brace and crutches. She claims she may need surgery, but all she wants from the singer is an apology….weird?

deanna-gines-on-crutchesChris Brown has been adamant he is innocent and did nothing to this woman. Now the owner of the night club, the Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim is stepping forward to say Chris Brown is innocent! 

After looking at his security tapes, the owner says Gines repeatedly tried jumping on stage with CB and later tried to rush Chris Brown and his crew behind their roped off VIP area. The woman was later being taken out of the club and she proceeded to throw her heels at security. 

As for her injuries, CB’s security and the security team at the night club had to do their jobs, so she may have suffered injuries in the process.


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