Will Justin clean his act for Selena?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been on again and off again, and as of right now…they are on again. But only under one condition!!! Justin Bieber needs to clean up his act and stop getting in trouble to stay with Selena. The question is: Will he actually stay out of trouble?

There have already been two incidents in which JB isn’t exactly following the rules. 

1. A photo of Justin has popped up of him holding a beer at a 4th of July party in California. Justin is only 19 and that is underage drinking (Illegal). BUT Selena was right there with him, so she obviously didn’t mind it.

2. JB was in Ohio this past weekend and got into some trouble with a DJ at a 21+ bar. Again, JB is only 19 (he should not have been there). Justin’s security crew told Justin the DJ was taking pictures of him without him knowing. So the security team took the DJ’s phone and went through it (they didn’t find anything). Afterwards, Justin took it upon himself to confront the DJ and was calling him and his mother names and saying bad things about them. Then the DJ claims JB spit in his face! This is the second instance of JB supposedly spitting on someone. 

Justin Bieber….. the kid needs to relax.



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