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Miley Cyrus got robbed!!

Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus had her 21st birthday! But it wasn’t as great as she was probably hoping. The wrecking ball singer got robbed!

Luckily she wasn’t home at the time of the robbery but there is an estimated $100,000 worth of stuff missing. Mainly jewelry and purses. 

Sounds like the “bling ring” all over again. 

Luckily daddy made it up to her by getting her a pretty awesome birthday gift. A $24k 2013 Can Am Spyder! It’s also customized with a bunch of M.C.’s all over it.

Miley also had a pretty fun looking birthday party with a bunch of her celeb friends celebrating with booze, strippers and more booze. 

All is well in Miley’s world. 


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