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Everything You Need to Know About Justin Biebers Arrest This Morning

Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami. He was charged with a DUI, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license. He was caught drag racing in a residential area in a yellow Lamborghini. Drag racing with a female passenger, model Chantel Jeffries. He was racing against Def Jam rapper Kahlil. Once pulled over he was speaking with police officers dropping plenty of “f” bombs. He eventually admitted to be under the influence of alcohol, RX drugs and marijuana. Check out all the video footage that has been caught so far, from the drag racing, to the court appearances and more!

See the Police Report

VIDEO: Arrest footage (TMZ)

VIDEO: Justin Bieber in Court (TMZ)

VIDEO: Miami Beach Mayor “We enforce our laws” (TMZ)

UPDATE: Justin Bieber has been released from jail. Told police officials he gets his RX pills from his mother. It is unclear if they are prescribed to Justin or where mama Biebs gets the pills. Papa Biebs is to blame as well. He was on the scene of the arrest and was helping clear and block the roads so his son could race.

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In LiLo news this week….

I know I joke about how Lindsay Lohan is a non stop party animal and is always in the news somehow but this time things seem to be serious…

A man by the name of Christian LaBella was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly assaulting Lindsay Lohan. There were two misdemeanor counts of assault and two charges of harassment. All charges were later dropped but here is why the charges were originally issued.


The two met at the club 1 Oak, and LaBella and several of Lindsay’s friends later joined her in a hotel room. The two got into an argument after Lindsay noticed him taking pictures, after which LaBella allegedly “threw her on the bed causing scratches on her hands.”

Sources say Lohan initially fled the room, but when she returned, LaBella “attacked her, choked her, threw her to the ground, and climbed on top of her.” Insiders say that friends were able to pull him off of her, at which time Lohan pulled the fire alarm to get help.

LaBella tried to flee the scene but was caught by cops resulting in his arrest.

As I said before all charges were dropped. There are no further details as of now. 


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Lindsay Lohan is at it again….

Stealing things, breaking probation, and DUI’s nothing out of the ordinary for Lindsay Lohan so why not continue the trend and get into more trouble!?!?

Last night/early this morning around 12:12am Lindsay Lohan reportedly hit a pedestrian and then left the scene. She was at the Dream hotel in NYC.

Reports say she inspected her car for damages then went into a club. She was later arrested around 2:30am when she left the club.

It is unclear if alcohol plays a role. Witnesses say Lindsay was sober and others say she reeked of booze. 

Lindsay……when are you just going to get a driver to take you to places!! SOMEONE TAKE AWAY HER DRIVERS LICENSE!!! 

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Russell Brand in the slammer!

Last week while Russell Brand was in New Orleans filming a movie he got into a bit of a fight. A paparazzi man was taking a photo of Russell on his iPhone. Russell wasn’t a fan of the guy so Russell took his phone from him and threw it through a window.

After Russell realised what he did wasn’t the smartest of moves Russell agreed to pay for the window to be fixed and the guy got his iPhone back. Seems that’s not good enough!

There was a warrant for Russell’s arrest issued this morning and Russell has turned himself in! He has been in police custody as of 2p today. No word on when he is getting out…I just hope he doesn’t drop the soap!!


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