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Everything You Need to Know About Justin Biebers Arrest This Morning

Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami. He was charged with a DUI, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license. He was caught drag racing in a residential area in a yellow Lamborghini. Drag racing with a female passenger, model Chantel Jeffries. He was racing against Def Jam rapper Kahlil. Once pulled over he was speaking with police officers dropping plenty of “f” bombs. He eventually admitted to be under the influence of alcohol, RX drugs and marijuana. Check out all the video footage that has been caught so far, from the drag racing, to the court appearances and more!

See the Police Report

VIDEO: Arrest footage (TMZ)

VIDEO: Justin Bieber in Court (TMZ)

VIDEO: Miami Beach Mayor “We enforce our laws” (TMZ)

UPDATE: Justin Bieber has been released from jail. Told police officials he gets his RX pills from his mother. It is unclear if they are prescribed to Justin or where mama Biebs gets the pills. Papa Biebs is to blame as well. He was on the scene of the arrest and was helping clear and block the roads so his son could race.

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Zac Efron in rehab for WHAT!?!?

We all know and love Zac Efron as the pretty boy actor with a pretty big future ahead of him. But when the news broke that he was going to rehab, we all stopped for a minute. Assuming it was for alcohol abuse, we were all very wrong.

Apparently Efron was into some pretty hard drugs. DRUGS!?!? yes, drugs. Sources say he was big into cocaine and the drug Molly which is a form of ecstasy. Like…..really!?!? I just can’t picture it.

He began spiraling out of control while filming the movie “Neighbors” with Seth Rogan. He would not show up for days at a time. 

He even trashed a hotel room causing $50,000 in damage with some of his friends.


All I know is, he still has a chance to clean up his act and get back on the straight and narrow. 


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