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Fans petition Beyonce to attend Kimye wedding

We are on a whole new level of crazy here. We all know Beyonce is a whole hearted amazing person. Her hubby Jay Z is best friends with Kanye West. And Kanye is newly engaged to his baby mama Kim Kardashian.


With that in mind, we can figure Beyonce and Jay Z will certainly be at the wedding to be. But Bey’s fans, the “Beyhive” have something else in mind. 


They went to and made a petition so that Beyonce would not grace Kimye at their wedding. They say Beyonce has better things to do and even gave her a list of excuses not to go to the wedding. That list includes pretending her baby Blue Ivy is sick with the flu!! Are you kidding!?


They also call both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, very mean names. It’s a wedding, get over it!!


Click here to see the petition! 


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Drew Barrymore, weekend wedding!

Drew Barrymore secretly tied the knot over the weekend! She was newly engaged to art dealer Will Kopelman just 5 months ago and the two had a very low key wedding. 

Drew has been seen holding a sonogram and has been baring a lovely baby bump! The two have not officially confirmed they are expecting but we all know they are! 

Celebrities who showed up at the wedding were Reese Witherspoon, Jimmy Fallon, and Cameron Diaz.

Enjoy the honeymoon! The parenting is gonna sneak up on you soon! 

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Brangelina FINALLY engaged!

Six kids and seven years later Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally getting hitched. Angelina was seen wearing a pretty good sized ring and a rep for the couple has confirmed the engagement. 

The two had said before they will not get married untill same sex couples have the right to get married but they seemed to have a change in heart. 

Brad said in an interview they had been recieving pressure from their children to get married and they seem to be caving.

My wedding prediction: Nothing huge, small and simple in their back yard with their children and CLOSE family and friends. 


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