Hollywood Sleaze

Our top story of the night is The Dr. Conrad Murray Case. After 6 weeks a verdict has been reached and Dr. Conrad Murray is GUILTY for involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson! Murray faces up to 4 years in jail and will begin his term November 29th. He will serve at the L.A. County jail and is considered a “keep away inmate”. This means he will have a single cell away from other prisoners for his safety. He will also have an escort with him for when he may be moved, including shower time. The parents of Michael Jackson, Katherine and Joe Jackson released a statement saying “We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and we couldn’t hold back tears of joy in the courtroom.  Even though nothing can bring back our son, justice has finally been served!”

Justin Bieber is taking the DNA test! After being accused of being the father of a 3 month old child by Mariah Yeater, Justin has decided to fight back. A DNA test will be taken once he comes back to the states (He is in Europe for the MTV EMA’s), and once the test comes back negative for fathering the child Justin plans to sue Mariah. Beibers team wants to make a point that people cannot make hurtful accusations and get away with a slap on the wrist. He is going to hit them where it hurts….IN COURT!

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after 72 days of being married to Kris Humphries. Over the weekend Kim was found at LAX booking a last minute flight to Minnesota to visit Kris. Kim says she felt she owed it to Kris to talk to him face – to – face about the situation. Rumors are floating around that the pastor who married the couple was there to help them talk about their problems. Reportedly hours and hours past before Kim left the Humphries household and went back home. No reconciliation has been confirmed but they are certainly talking to each other. 

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